does twinings make just "normal" black tea?!

Question: Does twinings make just "normal" black tea?

Yes, Twinings actually makes a number of normal black teas. I just checked running a search on my tea website for straight black teas from Twinings, you can find the search:…

There are 10 teas listed, 2 of which are Decaf, and one of which is Lapsang Souchong, which is not "normal" as it's a smoked tea. Probably the most "Normal" of these would be:

* English Breakfast
* Ceylon Orange Pekoe (I just drank that yesterday, I haven't reviewed it yet though)

If you want a stronger one, go for Irish Breakfast. For a milder one go for Darjeeling, English Afternoon, or Prince of Wales.

"Normal" is a relative term. =) But I think the English Breakfast and Ceylon Orange Pekoe are what you're looking for.

They do but it's not called "normal" black tea. These teas are black teas: Twinings English Breakfast Tea, Twinings Prince of Wales Tea, Twinings Irish Breakfast Tea, and Twinings Breakfast blend.

Twinings doesn't make much of anything besides black tea, but all their black teas are blends: English Breakfast, Earl Grey, etc.

yeh, check in Tesco's or sainsbury's.

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