What do you think of 5-hour Energy?!

Question: What do you think of 5-hour Energy?
What do you think of 5-hour Energy? I seen it alot in stores but I was doing hype aversion on the drink, but the other day I was compelled to buy one or two. I tried one right now. I'm starting to feel it right now. I seen it work, because I was feeling itchy after awhile. Like yesterday when I tried half of one and then another half 30 minutes later.

This time I took the whole shot, and now I feel really hot and sweaty from it. WIth a good amount of itches, but I do feel more energetic than I was before it, because I was really tired before it.

So my opinion: It seems to be effective, but if you want to be careful, take only half of the bottle, and then later take another. But, I want to hear your opinions on the drink? Do you think I should use it, or shouldn't I use it anymore? Between this, regular store bought coffee, coffee from coffee shops, or other.


It is horrible tasting but it does wake you up.


this stuff is bad for you. you don't buy energy, only borrow it. you will crash later, but it will interfere with your sleep. you will then drink more to get some energy and be hooked (what they want) but would be much better off if you never touched it


I'm sleepy AND jittery after I drink that stuff. A waste of money in my opinion.

The $#!% is poison

i would never drink that

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