Is it normal to drink up to 7 cokes a day or more?!

Question: Is it normal to drink up to 7 cokes a day or more?

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It is extremely unhealthy.

It is ok if you want to pay thousands of dollars on fixing up rapidly decaying teeth, caffeine addiction, dehydration, diabetes, kidney problems etc.

No, and you should cut back. Start a tally on how many you drink per a day (to make sure it's really 7). Week by week, cut that number down by one until you get to 0. The gradual change from 7 to 0 will ensure that you don't suffer withdrawal symptoms from the lack of caffeine. I only suggest cutting back to 0 because if you cut down to 1 or 2 and drink that many per a day, it's very easy to slip up and go back up to 7. This way you only drink soda a couple of times a week, rather than daily (which isn't very healthy either). This method goes along easier if you give yourself options in what to drink, too. Pick up a couple of bottles of juice, maybe tea. Also stay away from salty foods or foods that you would regularly enjoy with soda. Lastly, keep a tally of how many sodas you drink per a day the entire time, so you don't accidentally go over your limited number.

No, doing that can develope a urinary track infection although I know someone who can drink a whole liter of pop everyday. You mine as well drink whiskey everyday because not only you will develope a urinary track infection you will develope diabetes and a liver infection so really yes you can go ahead and do that if you ca handle the heart burn and tar build up in your esophecus but down the road that is really not healthy.

Seven Cokes is considerably more than average.

A lot of people here don't know what they are talking about. Drinking lots of Coke will not cause diabetes, kidney stones, liver problems, urinary tract infections, or "tar in the esophagus." The only risk is from the extra calories, which can cause you to gain weight, plus a slightly increased risk of tooth decay.

What happens to nails and eggs if you leave them overnight in Coca-Cola is irrelevant, unless you also hold Coke in your mouth for 24 hours before swallowing it.

It's normal for some people - I have a friend who drinks like 3 liters by herself every day. Drinking a lot of soda everyday, especially coke, isn't such a good idea though - in the long term it can cause acid erosion and cavities on your teeth, nutrient deficiancy, sleep problems, stomache aches etc. Cutting it down or switching to Diet Coke (if you're drinking full fat coke) is better for your health.

No. take a hard boiled egg & leave it dipped in coke for several days-see what happens to it. Take a nail & leave it in coke for several days-see what happens. Nail becomes very brittle. Hard boiled egg you'd have to try it yourself so you get convinced.

A daily maximum recommended sugar intake is 50g, one can of Coca Cola contains 39g*, you are drinking around 273g of sugar a day. That's half a bag of sugar (500g).

"Diet" editions of Coca Cola also contain cancerous Aspartame,

Start drinking water, Your going to get kidney stones. Also diabetes could come into play. If your going to drink soda, Try sprite or 7up, stick to the clear ones.

Not really although many people do it, though ive seen people drink that much and more and later in life the have no teeth and health problems as well

This isn't an issue that would call for a label of "normal" or "abnormal".
Is it healthy? No.

Absolutely Not.

extremely healthy for you


for some people

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