Sore legs and body. (Pepsi Warehouse)?!

Question: Sore legs and body. (Pepsi Warehouse)?
Ok so yesterday was my first day at pepsi. I work in the warehouse. And my legs are sore. What I do to make my legs non sore? Cause I'm hurting and yesterday was my first day :(


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If you want to keep the job, you will have to just work through it. Take some Advil or Motrin to take the edge off, but they will still hurt.

The good news is that the longer you keep at it, the easier and less painful it will become. Those muscles will become trained and stronger.

Do some stretching exercises before work to warm up the muscle.

Go to a Health Club and work out that sore leg after work that is what I Do

Get some epsom salt and take a hot bath with it.

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