In what ratio assam tea is blended with south tea?!

Question: In what ratio assam tea is blended with south tea?
best ratio of assam and south teas in a blend


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There is no fixed ratio. This really depends on the blend. Irish Breakfast teas tend to contain a very high proportion of Assam; Some Irish Breakfast is 100% Assam even! You can read more here:… -- English Breakfast tends to contain less:…

It's not clear to me what exactly you mean by South you mean Ceylon tea (from Sri Lanka, south of India?) or Nilgiri (a tea from Southern India)? Or other teas from farther south, such as Kenyan tea? Tea is also grown in Argentina. There are many, many kinds of black tea:

In general, the amount of Assam you use in a blend depends on the strength and character you want in the tea. Assam tends to be very strong and has a deep, malty aroma. More Assam is used in breakfast teas, and less in other blends. Many lighter black tea blends contain NO Assam. More about Assam:

I run the pages linked to, let me know if you have any more questions you can't find answered there.

I dont know why you want blend Assam tea with other southern brands. Personally i like cardamom tea better than Assam tea. If you put ginger in the tea it gets more tasty. No need to blend it with southern teas

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