My Coke Rewards, question and a bit skeptical?!

Question: My Coke Rewards, question and a bit skeptical?
So i once enter a code total of 30 points. Anyways i enter a few sweepstakes and donated my points to schools.
I was wondering do users ever win on sweepstakes? Is it all a scam. Let's be honest most companies aren't 100% honest and are money making factories.

What has been your experienced?

So what are the odds? I personally doubt Coke would waste their money doing this. What has been your experience? I think i might continue going into their website though since I always buy many of Coke product might as well trade my points on get something small like a 12 pack for free or something. I prefer there caps when it said Win Free Coke! :)

I want to know how this work, how do they benefit. They must benefit but how if they lose money in giving out prizes that cost $$$.

Coke > Pepsi ( My last comment)


By offering an incentive they sell more product. They benefit with greater revenue (which translates pretty almost linearly to greater profit). The cost of the free stuff they give out is calculated into their advertisement campaign, plus they can declare it as a loss on their taxes. As for the odds of winning... they aren't listed in the rules; I'm sure it depends on how many entrants there are. But you should read the rules... did you know you have to keep your bottle cap (or where ever the code is written) for 90 days after you submit it? That's ridiculous! No one is going to do that. With all of the legal mubojumbo they pack into the offcial rules, I'm surprised anyone wins.

i think the contest are scams i use coke rewards my self and that why i use my points for a free coke coupon wich is only 30 points and the drink it self with the coupon only cost like like 40 cents max i have got 3 for like 25 cents

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