i love mountain dew! what could i substitute?!

Question: I love mountain dew! what could i substitute?
So i had some cavities at my dental cleaning, he said what are you doing sipping mtn dew all day? WHY YES, YES I AM! lol. I cannot just drink water all day at least not cold turkey lol...so whats some things that could be a step down. like nicotine patches lol...are any sodas a little better if i am craving pop? and what juices or other kind of drinks would be better..i know some juices are pretty sugary too. i read that sports drinks even were.


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Sprite zero and orange juice is good.

I don't know because I have never had that problem. However, I do know dentists HATE Mt. Dew and for good reason.
Definitely cut back on the amount you're drinking. If you completely cut it out immediately, you will suffer from withdrawal. Replace what you're drinking with water and Crystal Light. My favorite is Fruit Punch :-D

I had a dentist tell me once if you like to drink soda, use a straw bc it won't get all over your teeth as bad as from a can, or cup.

energy drinks, coffee, tea.... anything with a high level of caffeine will be a fine substitute

you only live once... do the dew

There are sugar free varieties. Why not try those? I drink nothing but diet drink all the time. ONce you get used to it the regular drinks just taste plain heavy.

Get sugar-free MD

Sugar Free is what I Need to Drink Too

The choices you make and the habits you develop now will affect the rest of your life.

This may not mean much, I know. But you should give it some serious consideration before you become dehydrated.

Dehydration isn't just a complication of health problems as doctors would have you believe - dehydration actually CAUSES the health problems that cause dehydration.

In case you don't understand the impact dehydration has, imagine trying to pour water into a bucket that has holes in it. If you pour fast enough, you MIGHT make a little headway - but it will never last.

The soft drinks you're drinking act in a similar way. They remove as much as 50% more water than they contain. They're like the holes in the bucket - you keep adding more Mountain Dew, but the water it contains is pulled out faster than it's going in.

You don't realize it because it's a slow process. But it's going on right now, and it's consistent.

Anything but plain water (the stuff you find hard to drink) contains sugar, caffeine or other additives that change the nutritional content so that they become diuretics (the thing that pulls out the water). Natural juices (100% juice, no additives) are okay in strict moderation. But orange juice and other juices that contain a high level of potassium should have a pinch of salt in with it because potassium needs salt to function properly.

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