I want to sell my energy shot on the market, How can I do this?!

Question: I want to sell my energy shot on the market, How can I do this?
I have an energy shot made an ready to go...I just don't know how to patent it or where to go to try and start selling it.

Any ideas on what I can do?


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You can use a proprietary blend (secret blend) and trademark the brand.

That is the best intellectual property you can get on a 'drink'.

This is why on most supplements you will see it marked as 'proprietary blend'.

If you have a budget to actually manufacture it, I would start by having the package designed and work with a small beverage manufacturer to produce the first batch.

You will then need to go to trade shows or door to door to get the product distributed. Once you gain acceptance, you can get picked up by the bigger beverage distributors and get mass distribution.

The good news for you is that the beverage market has been ripe with buy outs since Coca Cola missed the energy drink market. Coca Cola paid billions for Vitamin Water and has acquired several others. It is the same story with Pepsi and there recent acquisitions.


you can't patent or copyright food or drink.... that's why so many have secret recipes

your best bet would be to contact a company that already produces energy drinks and see if they are interesting in purchasing it.

if you want to produce and sell it yourself, you will need to follow your local health codes, possibly get a business license, and then try selling to local stores to begin with.

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