Why and How do Mentos and Diet Coke cause explosion?!

Question: Why and How do Mentos and Diet Coke cause explosion?
Do americans have mentos? If not then just YouTube it.
I know i should just go on the UK one, but i can't be bothered.

Anyways, i know Why & How are like the same thing, but these were questions i was asked to research, any help?!?!?!


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basically, you are witnessing the Surface Effect. Carbon Dioxide forms bubbles. Diet Coke has more carbon dioxide than other regular sodas. The surface of the "mento" is jagged and filled with nooks and crannies. The Carbon Dioxide finds all of these holes and fills them with bubbles. Since the Mentos are heavy, they drop to the bottom of the bottle, forming bubbles all the way down. This is what causes the fast and furious explosion out of the top of the Diet Coke bottle.

And yes we do have mentos.

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