Why does coffee make me feel sick?!

Question: Why does coffee make me feel sick?
I like coffee but it makes me feel sick sometimes. I just drank less then a half of Starbucks latte. Now I have a headache and feel a bit blotted and gassy. I kind of feel like I may throw-up if I move around too much. I drink soda so I know it's not the caffeine. And I also drink milk in my cereal so I know I am not lactose intolerant.


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Your body has to get used to it first. You have to build up a tolerance to caffeine.

If you were lactose intolerant, you'd have the same reaction to milk - no matter the quantity, so I don't think that's the issue.
Caffeine may still be the issue because there's a lot more caffeine in coffee than there is in soda! Does it always make you feel sick, or is it just this once? Out of date milk might also play a factor.

People react differently to different foods and drinks, so unfortunately coffee might just be something not suited to you!

Its probably still lactose intolerance, i have it and cereal and milk doesnt make me sick, but coffee does. there is HEAPS more milk in coffee especially a latte, and a giant starbucks latte at that

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