British people: what is English Breakfast Tea?!

Question: British people: what is English Breakfast Tea?
so i bought some green tea at the store yesterday and i saw English Breakfast Tea???????

lol what is it? what kind of tea is it =/


English Breakfast is a style of tea characterized by flavor, not a fixed type of tea characterized by region of origin or how it is produced. It tends to be a strong but balanced black tea, rich, and deep. But less strong than Irish breakfast or typical Irish teas. Most often it is a blend of different teas, and when it's a single region tea, it's usually Ceylon. The blends typically (but not always) contain a lot of Ceylon and Assam, but typically less Assam than Irish teas.

I have a page that explains this more:…

In England, they don't call it English Breakfast, they just call it "tea". English breakfast is the default style that the Brits are referring to when they talk about "Tea".

Black tea,
usually a mix of orange pekoe black tea and various assam or ceylon tea.
It is all black tea.
There is green tea, black tea, white tea and grey (oolong is grey).

Anything labelled as "English Breakfast" tea is not usually tea that English people have for breakfast. We have other kinds of tea, ost of them are not called ENglish BReakfast.

That's your typical English tea, the most commonly drunk one. It's not always referred to as breakfast tea and it's not always drunk in the morning. PG Tips, Typhoo, Yorkshire tea.. all english breakfast blends.

It is quite a strong black tea and very is poplar throughout the day.

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