Milkshake or diet drinks? which is healthier?!

Question: Milkshake or diet drinks? which is healthier?

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Diet drinks contain aspartame so are not healthy at all.

Milk shakes are healthier so long as the flavouring is not artificially sweetened.

Depends what you mean. If you are weight watching then drink diet drinks. They have hardly any calories. However they are high in artificial ingredients so should not be consumed in large quantities. Milkshake is quite high in calories especially if full cream milk is used. Also usually contains a large amount of sugar. If you can make your own you could use skimmed milk and little or no sugar, I do not have any recipes.

A small Chocolate Shake from McDonald's is 360 calories, 9 fat, 80 calories from fat, 40 cholestorol, 250 sodium, 60 carbs, 11 protein, 1 gram of fiber, and 54 sugars.
(the website didn't specificy the measuring unit, like grams or mg or something, but you could check out the website in the source).

A diet drink, let's just say diet coke (caffeine free), is 5 calories and 0 calories from fat, 0 grams of fat and saturated fat, 0 mg of cholestorol, 19 sodium mg, 0.7 grams of carbohydrates, 0.6 grams of protein, calcium 1% and Iron 1%.
(based on a 2,000 calorie diet) ~this is all according to the websites in the source section~

~the websites might tell you more~ I would probably stick with water, smoothies, protein shakes, and milk though. :)

milkshake. Women especially need a lot of calcium, something to do with having kids? If you're worried about your weight, use low fat yoghurt instead of milk to keep it thick, and make sure you use plenty of fruit (I love banana and strawberry milkshakes!).

If not, make smoothies with orange juice or yoghurt base, they generally have more flavour and more fruit.

Diet drinks aren't really healthy at all as they have no nutritional value. Milkshakes are probably healthier as milk has calcium in it which is good for your bones. How fattening a milkshake is depends on whether its made from full cream milk and what else you put in it.

diet Drinks have ZERO calories but have no nutritional value. Milk shakes made from ice cream and milk are bad for you, but protein shakes or smoothies are good for you.


diet drinks are not as fattening and some diet sodas are even more fattening than reg i'd haev to say milkshake. At least you get calcium from that.

none..your better off making smoothies with fresh fruit and veg for example you can try orangges and carrots etc..


a strawberry milkshake =)
def not a diet drink... you need milk for your bones!!


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