Diet Coke and Mentos: Does the bottle have to be a 2 liter?!

Question: Diet Coke and Mentos: Does the bottle have to be a 2 liter?
That is all I am asking. We are using the experiment in a project for Chemistry and we don't really want all that is has to offer in a 2 liter, we need a smaller scale of an "explosion". So, can you use a regular bottle of diet coke or does it have to be a 2 liter bottle?


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A smaller bottle will work.

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i think 2 liter coke just give the best result,

since the explanation says: coke erupts when mixed with mentos.

note: use diet coke,it is less sticky

coke geyser

it dosent have to be a 2 litre, but use diet coke it works better

me and my friends do this all the time

No it doesn't.

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