What is your favorite kind of tea?!

Question: What is your favorite kind of tea?
Do you like it hot/cold? certain brand? certain flavor? where do you like to drink it?


Sun tea in the summer. I make a jug in the morning sun and put lots of ice in a glass and drink it, no sugar lemon on anything in it. Winter time hot salada tea with a sweet roll. It is a pleasant change from coffee.

I like the Lipton Cold Brew tea. It's really convenient, I always get my big travel mug, fill it with water and ice, and throw in a tea bag, and I'm good to go for school and work!

rooibos tea from South Africa. I drink it every day. I also put it in the fridge during the summer so I can have a nice cool, refreshing drink when it's hot.


There is a tea store chain called Teavana, and it sells loose tea. I *love* many teas, but especially the Snow Geisha, which smells like cherry Tootsie pops =)

I love hot tea! I like orange pekoe black tea, or vanilla/honey/Chamomile tea. For cold tea, I just like the plain Lipton black tea with a little squirt of lemon juice(:

I like Lipton and I like it very sweet and either hot or cold, I usually relax on the couch

my favorite tea is nepali tea because nepali tea is very sweet.

i really enjoy english breakfast.... but really from england, from a tea house. not a bag

Green Tea smells and tastes really good.
It makes you lose weight and prevents you from getting sick.

I think green tea is best having good taste and is very good for our health which protect us from many diseases.

Cold Thai Tea. Hot green or black tea. Sweet Tea from McDonald's.

lavender tea
its very calming...

i buy the best brand at health stores

Black tea, hot or iced depending on the season..

Any kind of green tea

I love iced green tea. My favorite brand is Teas Tea because it comes unsweetened.

liptons peach tea

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