Tips On Drinking Water More (Read details)?!

Question: Tips On Drinking Water More (Read details)?
I can go about two days without drinking any water, but even when I drink water its only about a one glass a day, and I've been noticing that not drinking enough water that I'm having a lot of issues sleeping, i'm always dehydrated and feel sick a lot and this has been going on for a couple of years, I hate the taste of water though and I heard that Crystal Light isn't something you should put in your water anymore, so does anyone have any tips or suggestions on what I could do to get myself in the habit to drink more water and make it more apart of my life rather than a chore.

thank you to anyone that answers!


I would suggest finding a natural flavouring like lemon or lime juice that you like. Or dilute some juice with half water, then you still get the flavour of the juice, but you also get all your water.
I guess you could always just plug your nose and gulp it down. That would work too!

Crystal light is better than nothing. Take a bottle with you throughout the day and just drink whenever you are thirsty. You will be surprised how much you drink.

Where do you live? Certain places (like Minneapolis) just have REALLY nasty water. If you could get bottled water from somewhere else, you might just love it. The water where I live (Nebraska) is super good because it gets filtered by all the sand, and we don't have to add chlorine. (We just drink it straight from the ground. Seriously) and it's SUPER good. It has a crisp, fresh taste that leaves you wanting more even when you aren't thirst.

You don't have to drink water to be hydrated. Any liquid is fine. Just drink lots of juice, Gatorade, iced tea, etc. You will consume more calories by drinking these instead of water but you will be hydrated regardless.

try putting a slice of lemon in your water
drink tea
apple juice
eat fruits that have alot of water content in them...watermelon...

Wow where the fk do you live because the WATER that comes out of my tap has NO FLAVOUR.

if you want to drink water more try mixing alil vanilla and low calorie sugar to take away the akward taste. if you dont wanna do that buy some natural water not that water that is distille or purified. buy something like arrowhead, which is really natural water and doesnt taste like crap, like others out there. and keep water everywhere around your house and even if you just take a sip here and a sip there it wont be that bad, and soon you will get used to it and make a habit of it. before you know it you wont be able to live without water. think about all the good benefits from drinking water, clear skin, non smelly stools,soft skin, nice breath, nice hair nice nails. there are more benfits than you can think from drinking water i think the benefits are worth the sacrifice. and dont forget weightloss that comes naturally from drinking plenty of water. good luck

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