how long can you store homemade smoothies?!

Question: How long can you store homemade smoothies?
i make my own smoothies for my 1 year old son but i am unsure on how long thet can be stored for, i give him them the day i make them and the day after but if there is any left on the 3rd day i throw it away. does anyone know how long i can store it for? also, can i freeze it because i would like to make it in bulk.

thank you.


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Maybe out of scope to cool it with liquid nitrogen at -35 c, which commercial "food processors" use to store food for over nine months.

The Japanese store "fresh" fish at -35 c to preserve the fish fibres, as oppose to slow cooling in the freezer, where the slow forming ice crystals in a normal freezer breaks the fibres.
Commerical ice/freezers to food manufacturers store their food in very, very cold ice factories for over nine months, if not years.

I would only serve it right away. As it will melt and get watery, even if you use frozen fruit it's just not the same.

You can blend everything up and then re-freeze in ice cubes trays, then blend with a little liquid when ready.

you can't. They loose their texture in either type of storage. They become frozen or mushy, take your pick.

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