Is it possible to become addicted to Coke Cola?!

Question: Is it possible to become addicted to Coke Cola?
I usually crave coke ALOT and I drink about three per day.
on my worst craving days about 5.

Sometimes I go like 3 hours with one and I feel like just
tired and fatigued but then once I go get a coke.
I feel like a burden lifted from me and it tastes sooo good.
I feel this rush of relaxation....

Am I addicted?


To the caffeine in it, yes, you appear to be. Luckily, it is not a life-threatening addiction.

It's amazing! I find this.

You'll probably get tired of it in a few months. Still better be safe and try diet soda if you aren't already because you can gain weight quick otherwise.

I was addicted to orange fanta for almost a year, now I can't even stand the stuff...

You are addicted. Quickly derive a detox plan and abstain.


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