Why is diet coke worse for your body than regular coke?!

Question: Why is diet coke worse for your body than regular coke?
I've heard that diet coca cola is worse for you than normal coca cola because it has things bad for your body in it to make it taste "the same". Also, which is worse for you, regular mountain dew or diet coca cola? Please and thanks.


Diet Coke's artificial sweetner can cause you to gain weight in your midsection and it can raise your blood sugar as well. And regular Mountain Dew is way worse than Diet Coke because it has more caffeine in it as well.

My husband is a type 1 diabetic and dietician confirms it.

It worse for you than regular soda because they put a chemical in it to reduce the calories but that chemical is not safe for human consumption.! Hope this helps.! :)

if youre that young then its not bad at all its better, but if youre under 12 then its bad because of the artificial sugars.

diet coke has artificial sugars and those sugars are cancerous and bad for your body they also are high in calories

ALL soda is terrible for you!

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