EBAY Feedback Help (wet keurig coffee maker)?!

Question: EBAY Feedback Help (wet keurig coffee maker)?
EBAY Feedback Help (wet keurig coffee maker)?
I am new to ebay. I bought a used keurig coffee machine of ebay. When I received it was in a box and then inside a bag. Inside the bag it was sopping wet. It looked like they washed it, didn't dry it and then just packaged it up. It works and is as described but was shipped to me soaking in water. Is this grounds for a lower feedback review? How should I rate them.


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How you rate 'em is up to you. or what it's worth, though, the machine has some funky plumbing. You can empty the water reservoir, but you can't get the 1/2 cup or so that's in "the system." Whoever sold it must have known this, ergo the plastic bag. I mean if it works, what the hay?

Check out the link in the blog post, http://seekitnow.info/49300/coffee-makers




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Sure it is.

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