The chilling secrects behind ice cream don`t seem so bad?!

Question: The chilling secrects behind ice cream don`t seem so bad?
What it actually is: ?Partially reconstituted lactose reduced whey protein concentrate (from milk), sugar, vegetable oil and hydrogenated vegetable oil, dextrose, whey powder, emulsifier: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, stabilisers (guar gum, sodium alginate), flavourings, colours (curcumin, anatto).?

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I don`t know what whey is , but even if something is a filler, what is wrong if it gives you energy?
Can something tell me whats wrong with whey or if its just hot air.
I love Tesco icecream


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I would try to find a variety without the hydrogenated vegetable oil as this kind can be particularly unhealthy. Some supermarkets have now removed this ingredient from their own brand foods. Ordinary vegetable oil is OK in moderation. Whey is what's left of milk after the solids (curds) have been removed for cheese-making.

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