Is Tropicana Orage juice really 100% Juice?!

Question: Is Tropicana Orage juice really 100% Juice?

Good question. It had better be. If it wasn't 100 juice the company could be prosecuted for food adulteration. BIG fine for them. A reputable company would never risk that, it would kill their business. Now, be aware that some 100% juice is made from concentrate. Which means that they probably buy concentrate from Brazil and ship it to the US and then add the water back. The reason they make concentrate in Brazil is that shipping all that water would be very expensive.
My biggest complaint is that they reduced the content of those gabled cartons from 64 oz to 59 oz without re ductingthe price.

PhD Food Chemistry and Nutrition

PhD Food Chemistry and Nutrition

I heard that in order to store the juice, they suck out all of the gasses which gets rid of the flavor. Then they hire a perfume company to create the flavor.

Most likely no
Its close tho

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