Drinking expired Iced Tea?!

Question: Drinking expired Iced Tea?
Hi, I never had the chance to go to the store today and I'm out of soda, juice and almost anything I can drink. All I had left is some Lipton Iced Tea. It's the powdered kind where you mix it in with water. This expired on JUN 12 09. I already took a few sips and it tastes the same and I don't feel sick at all. Is it safe to drink this?


Technically it’sjust sugar and water thats been filtered through tea leaves…so
you'll probubly be fine. I wouldnt fret, especially if it tastes fine and doesnt have a funky smell to it!! ;P

I think u will feel sick if u drink expired ice tea because u will get a stomach ache so it's better to throw away the expired iced tea and buy a fresh one so that it is healthy and u won't be sick...

I think so I'd drink it thos expiration dates are always sooner than they actually go bad just to cover there tracks lol Iv eaten plenty of expired things and I haven't expired lol so your good

Yeah it will be fine. I always eat rotten fOod

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