How bad is a monster drink if you drink 2 a day?!

Question: How bad is a monster drink if you drink 2 a day?
Ive been drinking one a day but lately ive started on two. When I don't drink it I cant even wake up I end up getting up at 6:00am but Then crash and go back to sleep til 3pm. >.< then my butt has to try to walk and choke down a monster as fast as I can because It feels good with out It I feel like ****.


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... dude, if you're dependent on ANYTHING it's a bad sign.

First of all, you need at least 6 hours of sleep per night; ideally, 8 or more. Teens are supposed to get 10 hours but tell me someone you know who goes to bed at 8 at night - yeah right.

Secondly, take a look at your diet. Are you eating enough veggies, fruits, protein? You don't have to follow the food pyramid exactly, but it sounds like you don't have enough energy at ALL. You need more than meat and potatoes and Monsters to make it through the day :P

So the Monsters themselves aren't absolutely horrible, but the fact that you need them to even make it through the day isn't normal at all.

Let me tell you about the first time I had an energy drink. I'm your age. It was a Rockstar Fruit Punch. Well I thought since all the kids at school drank Monsters and Rockstars, I had to try them. Well I drank 2 of them and guess what? I've had extreme anxiety issues ever since I drank them.
I thought I was having a heart attack a few hours after I drank them and I was shaking. Maybe it's because I can't tolerate caffeine well, but any case, no it's not good to drink 2 of those per day. We're talking about blood pressure going sky-high, diabetes, sleeping issues... just try to cut back on them would be the best bet.

having one a day would be bad but 2 a day is really bad you should go back to having 1 a day and then maybe one every few days. all the energy drinks are pretty bad for you

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