How much sugar do you put in your sweet tea?!

Question: How much sugar do you put in your sweet tea?
Hey guys :)

So some of my Yankee friends have said to me, "How can you like sweet tea? It's straight sugar water!"

But it's not to me.

One said she made some according to a recipe she found online. So I got to bumping around online...


Is the recipe maker TRYING to give her kids diabetes? Woah.

My family adds a little more than 1/4 a cup to a pitcher and brews the tea itself extra-strong. So... it has quite a different taste than "straight sugar water".

How do you brew your tea?


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Can understand you liking your sweet tea. Have you ever considered using stevia? Much better for your body than sugar.

I actually really like rooibos tea cold with ice and lemon and/or orange. Give it a try.

I am from the South. I am a Georgia peach so yea alot of people put several cups in their sweet tea...but i make it with six small tea bags and 3/4 cups of sugar per gallon and half that for half a gallon. in my opinion it will make the best sweet tea you have ever tasted

Should I feel special for this question? And are Californians REALLY Yankees anyhow?

As for me..... I would say............

ZERO sugar.

Of course..even better than brewing tea is cold pressing coffee for the ultimate cold, crisp and refreshing caffeinated morning drink.

Never put sugar into my tea.
My family have never tried that.

In my opinion, for the sake of health, less sugar is better!

I put 2 cups for 1 gallon

just a little !

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