Even 1 Bottle of Water Makes Me Pee a Lot!! Help?!

Question: Even 1 Bottle of Water Makes Me Pee a Lot!! Help?
for forever, i barely drink water... at most a day its just one to two bottles. my skin is dry cause of this but not severely.

i have cut out soda from my diet a year ago.. and drinking less high sugared juices. ive been trying to take in less sodium too but its hard.

i have pre-hypertension too which makes matters worse >.>..

when i try to drink more, i pee sooo much!! like.. if i drink one bottle within an hour, i pee three times in the next couple of hours o.o.. is that normal???

im also trying to lose 10 pounds.

but i'll only drink water when i feel thirsty =/.. so i dont think i get enough water in-take. i try forcing myself to drink water, but i cannot get myself into the habit.

should i try water pills?


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Dont drink so fast, Always work.

Pee is normal,drink at least 5 literes a day,it is very very helpful.


Water pills would make you pee even more. Keep drinking water. Eventually you will get used to it.

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