healthiest milk ?????!

Question: Healthiest milk ?????
What is healthier , skimmed milk, regular milk or soy milk....or an onther milk ?


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I would say that "soy milk" is the healthiest. When you think about it, milk from an animal is really meant for their young. We were not meant to drink cow's or goat's milk. We don't even want to discuss all the hormones and additives that the animal milk has. Even if it is a pure animal raised in the most organic sense, it is simply not meant for our consumption.

Breast Milk. Healthiest in the world . BUT, unfortunately we can't drink it unless we are infants. We have to turn to soy milk. Animal milk that has been processed is good too. Not the way they used to just go to the barn and milk the cow and bingo....drink up.


Soy milk. Whatever has less sugar in it. Always check the sugar amount.


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