Coca Cola addict! Help Me!?!

Question: Coca Cola addict! Help Me!?
I can throw back a 12 pack a day, sometimes wake in middle of the night to get a drink, and drink first thing in the morning. It's bad, I know! If I go too long without it I get a headache. Any advice on how to stop or even cut back would help. Thanks.


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LOL try coke zero or cherry coke zero. no calories and tastes almost exactly like normal coke. at least you wont be so fat :]

That's pretty serious. You are potentially causing a lot of damage to your body. That much soda can lead to tooth decay, obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes. A friend of mine euen developed heart murmurs from drinking an excessive amount of cola. Not to mention it is nowhere
near a good source of nutrition and is dehydrating you. I had the same problem. If I didnt have caffiene every day, I would get irritable, jittery, and nauseous, all of which are withdrawal symptoms as caffiene addiction is very real. You can try weaning yourself off of it by drink non-caffienated soft drinks like orange soda, sparkling water, or root beer to help appease the desire for something carbonated. Lipton makes a decaf tea that can give you a smaller dose of caffiene but hydrate you better. Slowly work in fruit juices, milk, and most importantly, water. Water is especially important during middle of the night cravings since the caffiene will disturb your sleep pattern and the sugar will be attacking your teeth all night and, if you sleep on your back, can cause acid reflux. Also all that caffiene interferes with your absorption of iron, which leads to anemia, causing dizziness and fainting spells. It'll take a lot of work but you can overcome your addiction. Trust me, you'll feel much better when its out of your system.

Personal experience

This reminds me of a story I read years ago: A woman brings her child to a most respected guru in the village. She tells him that her son is addicted to sugar, won't listen to her and continues to eat too much sugar. The great guru told the mother to come back with her child in one week.
Without question, she did just as the guru said. In one week she and her son came before the guru. It was then he told the boy that he must reduce his intake of sugar. The boy listened and said he would do as told; having much respect for the advice and teachings of the village guru.
The mother could not resist and asked the guru, "Why didn't you tell him this last week? Surely, you had the wisdom to do so then?" The guru in all his wisdom answered, " Ma'am, until last week, I myself was addicted to sugar".
Check with me next week. I have no words of wisdom right now.

Be Here Now (1971), author, Ram Dass.
I took the liberty of paraphrasing, it's been thirty years since I read it. I may have butchered the story - but you get the meaning.

start of slow by drinking a little less every day. try alternating seltzer with the soda (it certainly doesn't taste as good) but it is better for you and the carbonation will make it feel like you're drinking soda.

caffeine, if you quit drinking it.. you wouild go through withdrawals, head ache, sweats, etc


You might be addicted to caffeine. Try coffee. Less sugar and carbonation.


got hum

hahhaa i'm the same way.

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