Does water expands or contracts when boiled?!

Question: Does water expands or contracts when boiled?

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Everything expands as it gets hot, including water. After a point the water will start to evaporate and thus reduce in volume, but that is not the same as contracting; the hot water that remains is still in an expanded state.

(Weirdly, water also expands when it freezes, whereas most things contract when they get cold.)

Water has its maximum density at 4°C. If you heat water, it will continue to expand from its maximum density until it reaches 100°C. (boiling point at sea level) at which point it turns into a gas (steam) and thus expands a great deal more.

If you cool water past 4°C. it starts to expand again, this is why ice is less dense than cold water and explains why ice floats.

Expands, if you think about it logically steam goes in all directions and takes a bigger area compared to the same volume of water

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