Is it okay to drink warm water from tap?!

Question: Is it okay to drink warm water from tap?


Water for drinking should be taken from the direct main supply, warm water is taken from the storage tank that is used for heating purposes, therefore the water will have been standing for some considerable time, accumulating all sorts of gunk, and during heating the ideal medium for germ growth (Hot water tanks do not boil).

Likewise with bath-tap cold water the water is retrieved from a standing tank, as is the water for the toilet system.

Another point to add is that water from the mains tap that has not been run in a while (i.e. 24 hrs)also becomes "standing water". and de-oxyenises, therefore it is a good idea to run the water for a short time before drawing any for drinking

Yes. In fact in most places in the world, tap water is healthier than bottled/mineral water, containing less bacteria and pollutans. Bottled water can also contain things like fertelizer, depending on the bottling process (so depending on where it was bottled).

Sure, why not? It's water from the mains that has been heated, and you drink mains water, right?

Yes, depending on where you live. Most places the tap water is potable.

Why would you think warm water is bad for you, water is water.

The warm water from the tap has been stored in your water heater. I wouldn't do it.

yes.. add honey and a dash of cinnamon for a upset stomach..

Water is water, it doesn't matter if its warm or cold.

Do you mean pee?

yeah of course!!

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