Why are 95% of the juice drinks in America made from concentrate?!

Question: Why are 95% of the juice drinks in America made from concentrate?
I can't find anything that's real, actual juice except some Tropicana OJs. Isn't cheaper to squeeze the whole fruit out for it's juices, rather than mix it or imitate it with several other "artificial flavors"?

And what's worse is, a lot of these companies label their products as, "100% juice". Can you believe the false advertisement? Even something like pomegranate juice is made from concentrate. And pomegranate seeds are full of juices!


I think it's about the transportation. The juice companies are not conveniently located on farms and orchards. So the farms and orchards harvest and process the juice to concentrate and then ship it to the juice companies for bottling. This also makes it easier for the juice companies to go year-round instead of just ramping up production for the fruit harvest.

if SOMEONE SOLD YOU A GALLON OF 100% orange juice you would aroun 30 dollars. they have to dilute it to make more and add some other ingridients to help the juice last long, and make up for the taste with artificial ingridients.

It's cheaper to import concentrates from offshore and reconstitute them than to actually employ U.S. workers and support U.S. farmers.
It's all about the money.
The greedy bastiges will send a person's job offshore for a nickle per part.

So the juice can last longer as it is being shipped. i think they just want to kill us by putting all this unhealthy stuff n our food knowing our body wont function properly.

eaiser to produce. less money

they label things to get them out even tho they lie about it they are still getting them out for people to buy.


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