I dont know what to do please help?!

Question: I dont know what to do please help?
So its 3 o'clock and sonic is having happy hour but I don't know if I should go or not? I've been feeling fat lately and I just don't know if I should get one and have to deal with like 200 calories that I willl have to work out at the gym. Please people what do you think should I get the drink or just suffer and drink water??????


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If you don't feel right about it then don't drink! Water is fine!

I go through the same thing all the time, it is hard hanging with friends in situations like that without drinking. But, mind over matter.

really?? if you want one, get one! whats the big deal.. ******* america i swear we suck some times.. the media shouldnt make you feel like you gotta look a certain way.. be happy about who you are!! go get your self a damn drink!


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