Is Coca-Cola the same all over the world?!

Question: Is Coca-Cola the same all over the world?
Do different countries use different recipes for Coke or is it the same taste all over the world? Thanks ahead of time.


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the flavorings are the same
the sweeteners are different

in the US its high-fructose corn syrup
in most of the rest of the world its cane sugar
many people think there is a big difference in taste because of this

some countries drink their Coke at room temperature $#%^@&#^%#$@%#

go to the Coke exhibit at EPCOT - over 100 different products sold
throughout the world - (well, it felt like there were that many)
they gave you a sampler cup and you could enjoy -

some of them - I was glad it was just a sample (LOL)

all the best

I've heard that in the U.S. we use artificial lime juice because of cost. But in Mexico the bottled coke uses real lime juice. People i know will only by Coke a cola from Mexico if they have coke at all. I guess there could be other changes depending on where you go and what's available.

Different tastes from different places depending on the food regulation of the country. For example in Latin America, they soft drinks are muchhhh sweeter and taste more "syruppy"

It tastes different in different countries ...

I've had Coca-Cola in Ireland, Italy and Greece and didn't notice any difference.


I don't know (pun)

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