Has anyone noticed that Coca-Cola from McDonalds tastes quite differently than other fast food joints Cokes?!

Question: Has anyone noticed that Coca-Cola from McDonalds tastes quite differently than other fast food joints Cokes?
Nobody talks about it, and not very many people may notice it. But McDonald's CocaCola tastes different from all other types of Coke, Including cans and other fountain cokes from all other fast food restaurants. My main question is WHY is it different, and if it is, why isn't it ever addressed? I find it to be tastier, fizzier and just a better Coke experience. Thoughts?


McDonalds use a high end water filtration system, it consists of carbon filters and then water is put through a reverse osmosis system. The way the coke and soda water are chilled is different also, the soda water is constantly recirculated from the back remote refrigeration unit to the the drive-thru and front counter units in insulated tubing. This process will keep the water temperature at 33-38 degrees all the time even in a rush. The syrup lines also are bundled together with the soda lines so it chills the syrup a little. Keeping this water chilled will help absorb the co2 better creating better soda water. McDonalds spends alot of money on their systems that no one else does, the managers are trained to calibrate the valves and check temperature. They also have regular preventative maintenance done and account for ice melting in your drink. The ratio that McDonald's uses is 4.75:1 on sugar drinks and 5.25:1 on diet drinks. This is different than some of the other national chains they do not account for ice melting so they use 5.0:1 and 5.5:1 on their drinks. The co2 pressures used are the same for everyone but using a refrigeration unit with the carbonators submerged in ice water makes the co2 penetrate the water better creating a crisper drink. The remote refrigeration unit is basically a water bath with refrigeration lines submerged in water creating a huge block of ice, the soda and syrup are sent through this in stainless steel tubing which is coiled several times so a finished drink out of the fountain head will usually be 36 degrees. McDonalds is in a class of its own when it comes to fountain drink equipment they always have the newest top of the line equipment and programs to service it on a regular basis. Regular systems consist of ice in the dispenser to chill the water and syrup but usually use the same ratios, the only difference really is the treatment of the water. If it is a bad coke it always comes back to water quality and some people being cheap and thinning the syrup to make it go farther.

Personally, I think that McDonalds coke is better. The diet coke at least. Ive wondered for a long time why it tastes better. I think its the machines they have it in or something? I know when it comes out, it get mixed with water.

Well i think You're right.And not only the coke tastes diffrent(bad-i'm in italy) but the beer,the tea and all the other drinks they have.Still going to mcdonalds cause they have the big tasty menu that i really like.

It is sthe best place on the planet to get a Coke. I asked a McDonald's mgr. what is different? She said nothing...


It is the only thing, besides iced tea, I will get from McDonald's

my mouth

I have the answer! All fast food joints water down their soda into oblivoration, but McDonalds waters it down a tiny bit less.

McDonalds has a better more stronger cok-ier taste while other cokes are much more plain. I also agree and believe its coz other fast food joints put more water in their coke.

Wow your right, I just ran down to the McDonald's right next to me and bought one. Interesting... but very, VERY yummy!

The McDonald's right next to my house :)

yes there is a difference! I have found Wendy's to have a better flavor with Coke and Sprite! I hope you get the correct answer on this because I like to know why also!

I Agree

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