Is 5 hour energy good for you?!

Question: Is 5 hour energy good for you?

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I think it's a 2.99 - 3.99 scam. 2 cups of coffee in the morning would most likely have the same effect. You stretch out the coffee over a longer period. They can stress all those ingredients it has that are "So called" Good for you. But it contains many ingredients that are questionable. It contains a nasty ingredient called niacinamide which does not sound very healthy does it, by the way, and that it will cause a flush or hot feeling skin redness that can last a few minutes by increasing blood flow near the skin. Yeah, drink up! NOT! This is exactly what it states on the label and also says do not take if you’re pregnant or nursing or under 12 years of age. And it also says that it contains phenylalanine (Artificial Sweetner) o phenylketonurics should abstain from this energy shot or drink. But in the end, it's the caffeine that is giving you the quick energy. 5 hours of energy? Very unlikely. Don't be fooled. Save your money and make a cheap cup of coffee.

No, but I don't think it's bad. Either way it sucks because once I fell asleep 10 minutes after drinking one and I wasn't really tired

Its good if you wanna pull an all nighter but you will be EXAUSTED once the 5 hours are up!

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