Why do yall up in the north call coke "pop"?!

Question: Why do yall up in the north call coke "pop"?
Shoot I was up in Philadelphia back in my navy days and them boys up there, they was calling coke "pop" and "soda" even when it was a Coke! It aint right I tell you what.


For the same reason we call everything down here in the south "Coke". Pop is short for soda pop. I know, it is strange but I'm sure they think we're a lil strange for calling everything a coke too!

Georgia girl!

Coke is a type of soft drink. The "technical" term is Soda or Soda Pop but 9 out of 10 people simply refer to it as "Pop" or sometimes "Soda". A lot of people around here call it pop. Coke is a brand name... they don't just make Coke. There's also Diet Coke, Cherry Coke, Sprite, Fanta, etc...
Why do you think restaurants usually say "We have coke products" or "we have Pepsi products"? There's many types of drinks from each company.
Did you know "Coke" is actually a shortened term? The company's FULL name is Coca-Cola.

Well, what's up with y'all down in the South callin everything a "coke"?

I was in a diner down in Georgia some years ago, and overheard someone ask the waitress for a Coke and she said "what kind of Coke? Dr. Pepper, 7-up, or Pepsi?" and the guy said "I'll have a Pepsi Coke."

What the heck, man?

Because Coke is just the name of one kind of soda. Soda is anything, including Coke. Between, Soda and Pop, it really just depends on what you grew up saying. My family says say soda, but my aunt and cousins who lives two hours east of me say pop

We don't? Only people in New York really call it pop. I live in PA and it annoys me when people do. Not many people in PA do, depends where you are.

I live in ohio and we call it pop but i personally call it Soda but yeah it coke and i perfer pepsi lol

I live in the North (Massachusetts) to be exact and I say soda .......... and most everyone else around me says that as well

Actually, it's funny you say that because I live in Philly and everyone I know including me calls it Coke. How long ago were you up here...?

My home town :)

They have a different dialect and were brought up saying that. There is nothing wrong with it, its the same thing so there is no big deal!

I live in Virginia, an I call it pop. Just grew up, calling it that

Why do you call pop coke?

In the area where I grew up in Massachusetts, we called it tonic.

well people who call it pop is asking why u call it soda

Because that what Ive learned growing up..

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