Paper cup lids, is it dangerous ?!

Question: Paper cup lids, is it dangerous ?
Most coffee shops used it for hot beverages, the paper is safe to use, but is the lids is unsafe because it's made of plastic ?


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there is nothing wrong with a lid to cover your cup, its not going to hurt you

OH MY GOSH - YES! For safety, you must make sure never EVER attempt to eat the plastic lid.

You'll choke.

Seriously - there is prudent concern over plastics such as reheating foods still wrapped in cling film - and then there is paranoia over a plastic top on a cup of coffee. No - you are not in danger.

What's unsafe about a plastic lid, you're not going to eat it, it's just to stop you spilling your drink.

Hot coffee has injured far more people than plastic coffee lids have.

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