whats those coke drink have in it?!

Question: Whats those coke drink have in it?
whats are the ingridant


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They keep the exact formula secret. But it does at least contain, Cola nut extract, Cinnamon extract, liquorice extract, high fructose corn syrup, caramel color and water.

Cola drinks, including Coca-Cola, contain cinnamon and vanilla as their primary flavoring ingredients, which are responsible for the standard "cola" taste. Ironically, neither kola nuts nor cocaine (the roots of the name Coca-Cola) are present in modern-day cola drinks, including Coca-Cola itself.

the recipe is top secret-even if i did know the recipe i would no tell you-look on the food network show called "unwrapped" and they may have the video.If you are talking about the ingredients then look on the back of a coke can



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