did you quit soda ???HOW?!

Question: Did you quit soda ???HOW?
diet coke in particular


The diet coke is damaging your teeth, and they are becoming sensitive as a result (cold/hot). Rub sensodine toothpaste on them for the moment to relieve the symptoms.

Diet coke also contains saccarine which is a carcinogen in large doses, so quitting is a v. good idea. Remember you are not addicted to the diet coke, you are addicted to the caffine.

You could try drinking a single cup of coffee every morning for the short term to ease the withdrawal you are going to get. Also an apple. I know its very typical, but an apple is more effective at waking you up and giving you energy than coffee, coke, anything.

After two weeks you'll be over the hump and you'll find the taste of Diet Coke gross.

I'll tell you how I quit. I didn't! Everyday my first choice was soda. So I left it at that, but as soon as it was gone or got warm. I would fill the bottle with COLD water. Soon the first thing I wanted in the morning was cold water. Don't try to change overnight, you didn't start drinking soda all the time overnight. Think back to those days when you were a kid out playing and got thirsty. You knew you were thirsting for hydration and needed water. What would you do? Go drink water and get back to it. Well now we don't run around like we did when we we're kids. But if you keep COLD water by you and when you drink it, it doesn't do anything for you. Well then you are not thirsty and it won't help to drink soda.

I stopped drinking it, though it was a struggle. I started seeing what I thought was the first signs of acid damage to my front teeth - and as I don't really want to ruin my teeth, I stopped immediately.

Just like I stopped smoking - from day to day .. not the funniest thing in the world, but if you have the will and you REALLY want to stop. Then just stop.

Just find out what the chemicals in the drink can do to you over time and you will quit.

just stop drinking it is how to quit. dont know how else to put it.

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