Have you tried black and green tea , which one tastes better ?!

Question: Have you tried black and green tea , which one tastes better ?

For green tea you to develop liking for taste..otherwise it will be waste..
Black is universal,..

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Hope help :)

I am a big tea drinker and just happen to prefer the taste of black tea over any other teas. I do not like any kind of flavored tea and am not crazy about how green tea tastes (and so want to like it as it is good for you).

It is a personal decision though -if you haven't had a chance, pick some up and give them both a try.

Well that is all depended on individual tastes. I like green tea and I like black tea with cardamom pods crushed into it.

Most people like black tea. Green tea is great, but takes some time to get used to... it can be kind of bitter, but adding honey helps.

to me i like black tea because it give me taste but with green tea i don't found the taste . but for body green tea is better for immunisation.

i prefer green tea its an easier taste to get used to! black tea can be really strong.

black tea

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