Do i have to drink milk to be healthier?? because......?!

Question: Do i have to drink milk to be healthier?? because......?
I cant its very disgusting, I feel like Im drinking puke when I tried it, but I want to be healthy as possible with strong bones and all that. I drink enough water, but I was wondering is milk necessary? Do I just force it down?


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yes, milk is necessary, it does contain vitamins and other minerals especially Calcium which is an important mineral for the body.If it makes you puke, you can always add some flavored powder (Milo, Nesquick, or a bit of flavored ice cream, to take the "milky taste" out of the drink. Good on you for drinking water, i don't like water but try to drink it every now and then.. :)…

People insist on drinking milk as a part of a healthy diet only because it's rich in calcium and iron. Well at least, in my opinion.
But of course these nutrients are available in other foods. You can look them up on the internet. Or just take iron and calcium supplements.
But of course it's easier to get them from milk and dairy products, they're a lot more concentrated in them.

Calcium is necessary. There are many sources of calcium. No-fat cottage cheese or yoghourt are examples, and of course, you can take supplements, though it's a good idea to check with your doctor first.…

Not necessarily milk. You can obtain calcium from broccoli and many other daily products

You should try skim milk. I hate the taste of regular milk, but skim milk doesn't really taste like milk so i think it is better

To Drink Milk I Would Just Put A Dash Of Sugar In There. To Make It Taste Good.

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