orange juice or milk ?!

Question: Orange juice or milk ?
which one satisfys you the most i feel thirsty but cant choose hmmm???


Hands down Oj


Surely orange juice huumm!



certainly orange juice

my experience

Milk , because orange juice leaves an after taste that makes you want to drink more but will never satisfy .

My prefrence(:

Water with lemon if I can choose.
Chocolate milk next because it is also filling.
Then OJ or another juice.

Tropicana orange juice!

Milk I would say does as orange juice leaves you wanting another drink.

ice cold milk, then some hot fresh cookies then more milk then a nap :D

Orange juice is better I think, but it has to be smooth

orange juice..its a great source of vitamin c and has water to quinch that thirst

orange juice, milk dries up your throat.
-Alie J. Answer

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