Feeling ill after drinking cola?!

Question: Feeling ill after drinking cola?
I feel ill every time i drink coke, diet coke, any brand of pepsi, and most other cola brands too. I don't know why this is. At first I thought it might have been the caffeine, but then I discovered that I could drink black coffee reasonably fine, although my caffeine tolerance is still quite low and I get "the shakes" after about 3/4 of a small cup (don't even go there with red bull), but I don't feel ill like i do with coke.
Im fine with lemonade, and fine with irn bru, even though I don't drink it because I don't like the taste. I'm fine with most of the other soft drinks you can buy.
If it's not the caffeine, what could it be? And what kind of other foods would likely have the same effect if I were to eat them?


People can be sensitive to aspartame - or so they claim - but you have this reaction with sugar drinks too?

There's phosphorus and stuff in cola - they used to call these "Phosphates" when they were sold at the drug store - and because they have a fizzz, they were considered medicine... Hahahaha!

The phosphorous in these things can chemically screw with your calcium levels... but it would be so slight I don't know if you'd feel it. It might be something you'd have to do over time. And Coke would have just s much as anything else, and you say that doesn't make you sick.

Hard to say. It would be fun to get a real list of chemicals which were in those drinks.

Red Bull has a LOT of caffeine, I guess - and a little tiny bit of Taurine (it must be nothing because they don't even give an amount on the can). And who knows how many more tiny bits of chemicals....

Hard to say what might cause this. But it sure makes a few very rich people a LOT OF MONEY for this worthless crap.

This is the same thing that happends to my romate who lives with me. Aaron. If he drinks caffeine
he'll get hipped up too.


deal with.no one cares

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