What's the strongest tea?!

Question: What's the strongest tea?
I'm looking to buy the strongest tea possible (tea bag, tea leaves, expensive, inexpensive, black, white, green, oolong, European, Asian, whatever). Any suggestions?



If you are looking for a stronger flavor, you can add more tea leaves to your pot of hot (not boiling) water. Different teas steep at different temperatures, if the water isn't hot enough the tea will not steep right, if it's too hot you will scorch the leaves, thus making it bitter. Also, various teas steep for different lengths of time.

If you are looking for a tea high in caffeine then you want a tea that is made from budding or very young tea leaves. Caffeine varies from plant to plant. It doesn't matter if the tea is black, green, white, etc. You see caffeine is a plants natural insecticide, therefore the more vulnerable parts of the plants (i.e. the buds, small leaved plants, etc) are higher in caffeine. Also the more leaves you put in the stronger the caffeine content will be. You can steep it for a longer time, BUT I DO NOT SUGGEST THIS. If you steep tea for longer than directed you will get a bitter drink as a result. Always opt for more leaves over more time if you want a good pot of tea.

Yunnan Gold and Silver Needle White Tea (Bai Hao Yinzhen) are 2 that have a high caffeine content. Also, teas that have been roasted, flavored, or blended have a lower caffeine content.

If you really don't want to go on a search for fancy young tea leaves, then you could try your hand at regular black or green teas, but there's no guarantee that they will be strong.

Hope this helped.


Also I'm a tea freak.

Just get some pine needles off a tree. Tea is by definition in the current world anything that can be soaked in hot water to deliver essence to water.
For high caffeine, actual tea leaves, go with black.
You can make any style tea as strong as you wish, by soaking more of it in the water. You can also run it through an espresso maker, or eat it without water.
You can buy caffeine tablets and add it to tea.
If you are looking for a quality real tea with high caffeine, buy dark black tea and use a tea cylinder, no bags, and make it as strong as you want it.


strongest flavor or strongest caffeine content, for flavor I would say a long leaf Earl Grey or long leaf Chai tea steeped for at least 4 minutes. Not for longer than 6 minutes on the Earl Grey though or else it will get bitter

try to keep the little tea-bag in your cup for like 6-8 minutes so the tea gets a little stronger


Pu erh Tea from China has a very strong flavor.


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