Professionally made coffee: hints and tips?!

Question: Professionally made coffee: hints and tips?
Once in an Italian cafe I had a quite big cup of coffee, ie the volume was larger than espresso size and not so strong. However, the taste was excellent. I know I have never managed even to get close to such a taste when preparing coffee at home, in spite of using different sorts of beans and recipes. I would love to find out some hints (secrets?) of making coffee professionally - if there really are any?


I know a friend of mine was telling me how he gets fresh beans and then roasts them himself on his grill, says that it makes the coffee amazing

Well, which devices have you used, till now? An espresso made Italian way require a different procedure and machine compared to an American coffee (and the result is actually as you describe, lighter but tastier), did you try a proper home espresso machine, yet?

Good luck to you.

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