what are all the things drinking water does to your body?!

Question: What are all the things drinking water does to your body?
what all of them all i got is moisture, and hydration i want to know all.


Water transports and distributes nutrients and oxygen into the cells.
Water regulates the body temperature.
Water assists in the body's metabolic processes.
Water enables body organs to absorb nutrients, vitamins and minerals better.
Water enables detoxification and excretion of waste materials.
Water protects and moisturizes the joints.
Water helps moisturize the skin.


Well your body needs water because its made up of like 70 percent water or something like that lol. Your. Body doesn't seperate the water if you drink koolaid or other things like that and flavored water. Your urine is a lot darker from drinking sodas and other things but drinking water makes it a lighter color.

I need to drink more water!!!!

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