Do you like coffee or energy drinks for your daily morning wake-me-up?!

Question: Do you like coffee or energy drinks for your daily morning wake-me-up?
For me its coffee all the way. I cant stand the taste of MOST energy drinks.


High Five, coffee for me too:)

I don't like coffee, and I don't drink energy drinks out of principle. I drink water most of the time, but indulge myself with chai tea lattes, especially with exotic combinations such as vanilla. I find it both soothing and invigorating.

Tea. I'm learning to drink coffee but it's a very occasional thing, and energy drinks are just nasty. Tea is my main source of caffeine since I quit drinking soda.

coffee. it helps me drop a load in the mornings. for me its not only a fast pick me up, its also a great diuretic

I only drink water, but coffee seems the most popular at my school.

I like tea

Neither......tea or hot chocolate!!! :)

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