When did you start drinking coffee?!

Question: When did you start drinking coffee?

I was a late bloomer in the coffee department. My sister drank it as a youngster, but I could never stand the stuff and I WANTED to. I thought it would be awesome to enjoy a warm drink that had no calories. I don't believe in artificial sweeteners so that was not an option for me either, but then I learned about the natural sweetener stevia a few years ago and started enjoying an occasional cup of coffee around the age of fifty.

When i was 16, my gas station had the machine that you could pick a variety of coffee. I don't like it straight though, it hast to be flavored. I usually get the french vanilla or capachinos. (i guarantee you i spelled that wrong)

Never. Coffee is so bitter and disgusting. I started getting starbucks when I was like 10 I think. I don't like plain coffee though it must be from starbucks with flavor and toppings other wise its bitter with no taste.

I had frappucinos from starbucks when I was 13. I don't drink real coffee too much though. Only when I'm tired. I started drinking real coffee when I was 15 and I'm 16 now!

I've always liked it, so I'm not sure when I started. Maybe nine? Eight? But then I only got some on rare occasions when my parents decided I could... :)

Since never. It's one bad Habit I never picked up. :)

I can't remember


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