Expired Chocolate Milk?!

Question: Expired Chocolate Milk?
I have chocolate milk that expired on Friday and I wanna drink it. Should I, because I've heard that it's not gonna hurt if it's only 2 days old so should I?


As long as it doesn't smell weird or have an unusual consistency when you pour it, should be fine.

Personal experience

Yum...chocolate milk <3
Yuck...sour chocolate milk :(
Don't drink it...milk goes off...it goes sour and then turns into cheese...believe me you don't want to drink cheesy chocolate milk...lol...just don't drink it :D

Well, it is milk, and if it smells or tastes bad , don't finish it. But, usually a better brand will be okay. Just try a sip and find out.

You probably shouldn't 'cus of the milk n it and when that goes off it doesn't taste nice so imagine sour chocolate milk :s

Nope shouldn't hurt , if it taste weird just spit it right out .

I dont think thats a good idea.

Yeah it'll be fine.. Milks okay for about a year then it turns nasty

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