How can I make my own soda drink?!

Question: How can I make my own soda drink?
I would like to make a drink that is carbonated, sweet, and fruity, possibly with cafeine. Is there a simple and inexpensive way to do it? For example, blueberry soda, or blackberry or grape. Also, is there a way to add cafeine without spoiling the taste, like with tea?


just get carbonated water (available at grocery stores and probably liquor stores too but I wouldn't know) and then add flavored syrups (like you would buy for a snowcone) or you could add regular juices too, but real soda places (like the retro kind) and even some restraunts make sodas with syrups, it works better). You could also add food flavorings I suppose

Mix a half a cup of coca cola with a half a cup of sprite and a third cup of fruit fusion

Get some seltzer water and then add some juice to it

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