Engery drinks? Are they really bad?!

Question: Engery drinks? Are they really bad?
I like every other teen like to enjoy the occasional monster.. Or other energy drinks.. Its not like I drink them daily, just once in a while.. What are the effects of energy drinks.. Why are they bad for you? And is it harmful to drink the occasional monster?


Yes energy drinks are bad for you!!! I think in your case though, having a energy drink once in a while is okay. If you were to drink them all the time that would be very harmful to your health. Energy drinks have large amounts of caffeine which may cause insomnia.

A lot of them contain sugar and caffein. They dehydrate you, they make you "crash" when the caffein wears off. They are bad for the planet i.e plastic bottles taking up landfill space. You'll get plenty of energy and metabolic boost from drinking purified H2O, at least a litre a day.....filtered yourself in a re-usable bottle.

They are bad for you and your brains.
Don't drink energy drinks. Drink water.
You get more energy and if your body isn't ready for that much enegry you just get tired an you can feel headaches...
Listen me And stop Drinking them

Yes, they are bad..

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